Travel and Transport

Travel and Transport is pleased to announce the rollout of new security technology that provides us with enhanced methods of protecting confidential information that is sent through email communications.

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zixcorpTo help implement this important policy, we are using ZixCorp’s services which allow us to send encrypted email messages to anyone. Users will go through a few simple steps to access messages and can also respond securely to email messages, free of charge.

You will also have the capability of sending Travel and Transport secure communications through this system by simply visiting and selecting the Secure Communication button found on the home page of the site.

Secure e-messaging is not just a safety issue; it’s a practical way to do business. We are using secure messaging services to protect our email communications and to ensure sensitive information remains confidential.

This is just another way Travel and Transport remains dedicated to ensuring our clients’ private information remains secure.


If you have any questions regarding this latest enhancement, please contact Travel and Transport’s Help Desk at A representative will respond to your concern as soon as possible during normal business hours.